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Free Persian Fonts API

Just a simple API for Free Perian Fonts

Current Fonts

Font Name Creator
Vazir Saber Rastikerdar
Tanha Saber Rastikerdar
Vazir Code Saber Rastikerdar
Shabnam Saber Rastikerdar
Samim Saber Rastikerdar
Sahel Saber Rastikerdar
Parastoo Saber Rastikerdar
Nahid Saber Rastikerdar
Gandom Saber Rastikerdar
Estedad Amin Abedi
Mikhak Amin Abedi
XB Kayhan -
XB Khoramshahr -
XB Niloofar -
XB Roya -
XB Titre -
XB Zar -

The table above is inaccurate. Please visit this page to see the complete list of fonts.


For using tests, clone this repo and run :

bundle install

to install required ruby gems. Then, you easily can do a bunch of test like this:

ruby cmd-test.rb Vazir

And if it's valid, it'll return the CSS it should return. Otherwise, it'll return a 403 error.


  • Writing a system that automatically reads data from font-stores and developer's websites (suggested by Alireza Fereydouni)
  • Applying request limit to improve the server uptime/downtime (Database is needed for this, maybe a token based database)
  • Writing about plans in website
  • Doing a bunch of minor changes on code base to improve performance and security.
  • Checking if gitlab has banned me or not :|
  • Moving to a better server.